“Artist Eclectic” by Bill Ryan

“Artist Eclectic”

Bill Ryan

I have been drawing and painting for 70 years, 62 of them in Bakersfield.  I was chairman of the Fine Arts Department at North High School for 38 years.  I also designed sets for local music theaters.

My Master’s Degree focused on French Impressionism but being a young artist during the 1950’s I leaned more toward the expressionism and abstract expressionism that deals with the energy the artist feels by expressing it in the paint and through brush strokes.

There is more freedom in this style, much like playing jazz (I was a trumpet player).

My pop art, a kind on Neo-Dadaism, does not try to destroy fine art as artists did after World War II but replaces the idea of classic art with more common subjects like comic book characters, large sculptures of hamburgers and rows of cream pies.

Some styles seem to call for different styles or schools of art.  My “Road to Breckenridge” series including the pieces “Chaparral to the Pines,” “It’s Not Your Land,” and “Into the Pines” calls for Post-Impressionism and Expressionism.

Of all three schools of art, my preference is Abstract Expressionism which allows more freedom of expression.


December 2017 – January 2018

Access Center Gallery

1330 Truxtun Avenue

Bakersfield, CA 93301