Richard Hofferd

Now on display in the ACK office: the works of Richard Hofferd

In describing his pieces, Richard calls his work process art, the artistic movement in which the end result is not the focus of creation. His style is evolving.

In a recent interview with The Bakersfield Californian, Hoffered said, “I’m not sure exactly how much conscious control I have of my imagery these days. I don’t really design or plan. I tend to do abstractions and I like to challenge myself.” Some pieces begin with “how am I able to see and interact with light and space,” he said.

The 71 year-old Richard says showing is work has been more rewarding in recent years. He believes viewers may be able to relate to his lifetime quest of pursuing his passion for art and “how it often insulates me from pitfalls and compromises of everyday living, and gives me hope.”

“We agree much has changed in recent month, yet I feel there is more reason than ever to create and fill our lives with beauty, so that we not forget what is.”

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