Creative Crossing “Sacred Spaces” Mural Alley 2020 Grant

Creative Crossing is an organization privately founded by Bakersfield residents Kei Deragon and Sarah Nobles, on the initiative to beautify “forgotten spaces” in communities and neighborhoods around Bakersfield California. Kei has been a resident of Bakersfield since 1990 and Sarah chose to make Bakersfield her permanent residence in 2003. Both artists have a shared interest in investing in their community’s underutilized spaces, and encourage neighborhood exploration and interaction between neighbors and admirers that cross the path(s) of this creative project—the Creative Crossing.

It was first noticed by Co-Founder Kei Deragon, that Vandalism and hate-speech were taking place in her childhood neighborhood. Disturbed by the imagery, Kei Deragon and Sarah Nobles teamed up to bring positivity back to the neighborhood.  Creative Crossing was formed with the goal of helping neighborhood and their residents by deterring vandalism, exposing the community to different forms of art and promoting health by creating safe spaces/pathways for neighbors to walk and enjoy. Since Forming, Creative Crossing has completed “Sacred Spaces” Mural Alley 1 Located in the Northeast Alley of 1st Street and Holtby Street.

Creative Crossings “Sacred Spaces” Mural Alley 1, consists of 10 plus individual murals each merging with the next piece, creating a continual flow of imagery. All property walls were donated to the project with signed consent from property owners. In addition, Creative Crossing’s completion of mural projects solely depends on the supplies, paint and volunteer hours donated to our organization.

In conjunction with a grant from Kern Family Health, the Arts Council of Kern is proud to support this local project.