Arts In Correction has changed their name to Transformative Arts

Transformative Arts is a multidisciplinary instructional fine arts program that provides opportunities for inmates to participate in hands-on experiences in a variety of fine art and fine craft disciplines through the presentation of classes, workshops and performances. Beyond learning an art skill, the anticipated outcomes of the program include but are not limited to the development of avenues for personal expression; awareness of and appreciation for cultural, ethnic, social, intellectual and artistic diversity; development of communication skills; increased self-motivation; ability to complete tasks and projects; development of critical thinking and creative problem solving skills; ability to receive and give constructive criticism; and an overall increase in self-esteem.


Alex Gallardo

Alex Gallardo. Photo by Peter Merts, courtesy of The California Arts Council

Alex Gallardo has more than twenty years of visual arts experience, practicing in a variety of media. He is an accomplished muralist. His work devotes itself to a wide range of styles and media, exploring how to represent changing moods using visual metaphors. He teaches drawing and painting for the Arts in Corrections program.

Kevin Birkbeck

Kevin Birkbeck has been a pubic and private music and arts teacher for over forty years. He has been playing musical instruments since the age of eight and has mastered over twenty instruments. He has recorded five independently produced CDs as well as an instruction anthology on finger style ukulele and banjolele. He teaches ukulele for the Arts in Corrections program.

Marcos Delgado

Marcos Delgado has over fifty years experience as a music teacher for both small and large groups of children and adults. In addition to teaching different instruments, he is a composer, performer, and recording artist. He has also published his own music theory books. He teaches guitar for the Arts in Corrections program.

Porter Jamison

Porter Jamison has over thirty years experience teaching numerous subjects, including English, Theatre, and Poetry. He also has over four hundred stage credits as a director, designer, producer, and playwright. He is the Artistic Director of the Bakersfield Community Theatre. He teaches Spoken Word/Poetry for the Arts in Corrections program.

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