Call to Artists – Larry D. Itliong Mural Project – Due May 30, 2021

Delano Union School District – Larry D. Itliong Mural Project

The Delano Union School District, in partnership with the Blue Shield of California Foundation, is searching for submissions from local and national artists for the design and execution of a mural to be placed at the Larry D. Itliong Library at Morningside Elementary School.


To design, create and paint a mural at Morningside Elementary School that honors Larry D. Itliong’s life and contributions to the labor movement.

Proposals are due to the Delano Union School District by 3pm on Friday, May 30, 2021.

Proposals may be submitted electronically to or mailed to the following:


Larry D. Itliong Mural Project Attn: Sandra Rivera Delano Union School District 1405 12th Avenue Delano, CA 93215

A complete proposal submission will include the following:

  • Signed and Dated Larry D. Itliong Mural Project Application
  • Personal Art Statement & Mural Proposal Narrative
  • Mural Budget
  • Mural Proposal Visual Mock- up
  • Resume with three (3) references
  • Three (3) work samples- submitted digitally


Larry D. Itliong was born on October 25, 1913 in the Philippines. He immigrated to the United States in 1929 and began working in the salmon canneries of Alaska where he became a labor leader and organizer. In 1965, Larry Itliong drew national attention in Delano, California, when he and other Filipino farm laborers walked off the farms of area table-grape growers, demanding better wages and working conditions. The event became known as the Delano Grape Strike. As co-founder of the United Farmworkers, Larry Itliong’s work was instrumental in securing the first union contracts with table grape growers to provide workers with higher wages, medical insurance benefits, and better working conditions.

Larry D. Itliong’s work forever changed the history of the American labor movement. The Delano Union School District seeks to honor his legacy through the placement of a mural at the school library at Morningside School. The location is of special significance because Larry Itliong’s daughter, Patricia Serda, has served as the librarian of Morningside School since it opened in August 2000.

In designing the mural, artists are asked to consider the stages of Larry Itliong’s life, as described by his daughter:

  • Growing up in the Philippines with dreams of traveling to America
  • Immigrating to America and his early days in the United States
  • His contributions to the labor movement, social justice and equality
  • How his life has come full circle as students learn about how his role in American historyand how he impacted the lives of others

The Delano Union School District is seeking the best combination of themes that represent Larry Itliong’s legacy as a Filipino American activist . A strong mural proposal demonstrates a clear creative, concept driven design, showing a great sense of application and strong artistic skills to complete the project on time and within the proposed budget. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to complete a project of this proportion.

Artists are encouraged to be open to interpretation and suggestions for change or modifications, from the Delano Union School District, if their design is chosen. The Mural Budget Cap is $10,000.


The mural will be located on the exterior of the Larry D. Itliong Library at Morningside Elementary School, 2700 Summer Drive, in Delano, California. The main wall is 41 ft X 10 feet (Photo 1) and the south wall is 16 ft x 10 ft (Photo 2). The mural will be placed south of the Library entrance door and wrap around the south wall, for a total length of 57 ft X 10 ft.

Larry D. Itliong Mural Project Timeline*

April 30, 2021 – Call for Proposal Submissions
May 30, 2021 – Mural Applications and Proposals Due Muralist Selection
June 9, 2021 – Muralist Selection
June 14, 2021 – Board Approval of Mural Services Agreement Mural Site Preparation is Completed
June 30, 2021 – Mural Site Preparation is Completed
July- September 2021 – Mural Work and Completion
October 25, 2021 – Grand Unveiling- Larry D. Itliong Day
*Timeline subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances

Questions regarding this Call to Artists should be directed to Sandra Rivera, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, via email at or (661) 721-5000, ext. 00125.

To apply, click HERE: Call to Artists- Larry D. Itliong Mural Project