2020-2021 Grant Programs

Here are some of the grants the Arts Council of Kern is working on for 2020-2021


Veterans in the Arts

With the support from the California Arts Council, Arts Council of Kern in partnership with the Bakersfield Veterans Center, provides guitar and keyboard music lessons to veterans and their families, free of charge, at three locations taught by qualified teaching artists. Classes will culminate with a recital free for family and friends.


With the support of the California Arts Council, ARTS COUNCIL OF KERN provides professional, 3 artists-in-residency programs, serving 300 court appointed and community school 9th-12 grade students at the Kelly F. Blanton School, located in Bakersfield, CA. The ACK, Kern County Probation, and the Kern County Superintendent of Schools provides youth with 38 weeks of hands-on graphic, visual, and media arts instruction, culminating in an all school gallery-style exhibition.

Arts in Schools

ARTS COUNCIL OF KERN provides 500 TK (transitional kindergartners) through second graders with hands-on music and choral lessons at Robert P. Ulrich Elementary in California City located in the Mojave Dessert. Lessons will begin a lifelong learning trend and culminate with two free concerts available for all to experience in this culturally isolated community.

Local Impact

The ACK employs artists to make accessible and relatable arts experiences to individuals in substance abuse and/or homelessness recovery, providing 48 weeks of hands-on visual arts lessons to female and male clients of Bakersfield Recovery Services. Two 12-week workshops will be taught at the Lincoln Street Perinatal Retreat for women and at Jason’s Retreat, a recovery residence for men. These facilities make a positive impact on the Bakersfield community.

State and Local Partnership/ Poetry Out Loud

Arts Council of Kern will provide support and promote arts access, advocacy and education for all Kern County residents and visitors through arts-based programming and opportunities. The ACK will continue to provide the arts leadership necessary to meet the creative needs of Kern’s diverse population utilizing all-inclusive practices.


2020-21, with support from the California Arts Council, the ARTS COUNCIL OF KERN will administer countywide regranting support to arts and cultural organizations that serve and/or represent communities of color disproportionately impacted by Covid-19. 20% can be used for ACK operation. Application deadline is November 30th.

Mural Arts Institute (MAI) Art and Environmental Capacity Building Initiative

The Mural Arts Institute of Philadelphia is pleased to announce the selection of Central California Environmental Justice and Art organizations to participate in the 2020-2022 MAI – Art and Environmental Capacity Building Initiative headed by the Arts Council of Kern, Dr. Rosanna Esparza and Michelle Glass.

Kern Family Health Care

The ACK is supporting the work of Creative Crossings, a group whose initiative is to beautify forgotten and neglected spaces with murals. Creative Crossing’s goal is to create an Art Walkway throughout the alleys of the Oleander Sunset neighborhood leading to Beale Park. Property owners give consent to paint alley walls and recruit local artists to complete works of art. Creative Crossing’s Alley Artwalk’s goal is to promote health, art awareness and deter vandalism to local neighborhoods. Creative Crossings project is to paint eight additional alley blocks with murals connecting their completed phase one, ten completed murals painted side by side through the alleys of this historic neighborhood leading to Beale Park.

Arvin Public Initiative Grant

Support Migrant Senior Arts Program.