Arts In Correction

Arts In Correction

Arts-in-Corrections (AIC) is a multidisciplinary instructional fine arts program that provides opportunities for inmates to participate in hands-on experiences in a variety of fine art and fine craft disciplines through the presentation of classes, workshops and performances. Beyond learning an art skill, the anticipated outcomes of the program include but are not limited to the development of avenues for personal expression; awareness of and appreciation for cultural, ethnic, social, intellectual and artistic diversity; development of communication skills; increased self-motivation; ability to complete tasks and projects; development of critical thinking and creative problem solving skills; ability to receive and give constructive criticism; and an overall increase in self-esteem.


David J. Vanderpool Classes



Alexis Gallardo Valdeolivar Classes



Vanderpool-David-2000x3000 David J. Vanderpool

Teaching at SATF (Corcoran) and KVSP (Delano)

David Vanderpool has always drawn, since a child. He gave it up for six years, shortly after moving to Kern County, but picked it up in 2000. “For the life of me, I couldn’t draw as I used to,” so David had to teach himself how to draw all over again. Learning a whole different style. David has had two years of college, but mainly self taught as a fine artist graphite artist and as a graphic artist. David is fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design. As well Multi_ad Creator and other various programs for marketing and advertising.

David has worked with the Arts Council in the Arts In Correction program for a few years: Second year at teaching inmates to draw, in two state prisons. SATF in Corcoran and KVSP in Delano.

“I enjoy the opportunity to share what I have learned through the years, and watch inmates develop a skill they though to be limited in what they were able to do, as well as see other more advanced inmates/artists reach out to the other less experience artist and learn from them as well.”

David is working in graphic design for TBC Media (The Bakersfield Californian) for over 18 years. “I would like to advance my skills as a graphic artist/designer with a company willing to pay a salary suitable for today’s economy, as well as benefits, and expansion for growth. As a fine arts artist, I’d love the opportunity to reach out to galleries, and business interested in the type of work I do. Realistic graphite pencil drawings. Currently I sell my drawings, books and prints all over the world. It’s just getting local or state wide galleries or business to take notice. Finding the right market takes time and networking.”


Alex_PhotoAlexis Gallardo Valdeolivar

I am an advocate for every individual to adopt a hobby and apply a form of expressionism to his or her everyday life as a release of one’s emotions, utilizing this tool as a form of therapy. My work consists of many therapeutic hours. The body of my work does not devote its self to one medium nor style but a wide range of artistry consisting of many mediams. The moods and visual metaphors within my work vary from piece to piece, each an adaptation to a particular time in my life. I am a self­taught artist; my skills are of only experience and time can teach with more than 20 years’ of experimenting with the many different mediums, so using my history to help an individual accelerate within the arts, by utilizing my knowledge, is a passion of mine.

My passion started in grade school with the basics and later moved on to acrylic, water color, oil paint and sketching in high school. At this point, art went from a hobby to a more creative source of expression. With the guidance of a wonderful teacher, Miss Newman, and the knowledge she passed, helped expand my abilities throughout my four years attending East Bakersfield High School.

I currently teach an art class for California Substance Abuse and Treatment Facility in Corcoran, CA. Teaching at a prison is a rewarding experience; giving a one on one experience to the inmates is a crucial aspect on rehabilitation. Art through expression gives inmates/students a sense of freedom with the work they produce. After High School art was created in my leisure time and at this point I am enjoying passing on tricks and skills to other individuals that would like to learn fast and skip the trial and error process which comes with experience and time.  Below are photos of some of the work created by my students.


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