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Explore the arts with the Arts Council of Kern! ACK strives to address its diverse population and support our growing art community.

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We work hard to make art accessible to all our residents and pride ourselves on highlighting traditional and contemporary artists in and around the county. We are your starting point for discovering new experiences and programs that will unlock your creativity and introduce you to new ideas.

The Arts Council of Kern Moves to a New Home at The Brickyard

We are thrilled to announce that The Arts Council of Kern has officially moved to a new location! Our new home is at The Brickyard, located at 1020 18th Street. This vibrant space is already familiar to many of you, as it has been the venue for our popular monthly First Fridays events. Now, it will serve as the central hub for all our activities and events.

The move from our previous location at the Kern County Museum marks a significant step in our ongoing commitment to fostering a thriving arts community in Kern County. The Brickyard offers us the perfect environment to expand our programs and engage more deeply with artists and art enthusiasts alike. With its spacious layout and central location, The Brickyard will allow us to host a wide array of events, workshops, and exhibitions, bringing even more art and culture to the heart of Bakersfield.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new facility and sharing this exciting new chapter with you. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming events and opportunities at The Brickyard. Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to see you at our new location!

For more information and updates, please visit our website or contact us directly at
Let’s continue to celebrate and support the arts together in our beautiful new space.

Support Local Artists at First Friday's ArtWalk

Hosted by the Arts Council of Kern, the ArtWalk will showcase a diverse array of talents, featuring artists, artisans, and vendors, creating a dynamic atmosphere for attendees. Engage in hands-on experiences such as jewelry making and storytelling, making this event a unique and enriching way to celebrate the month of creativity!

ArtWalk takes place in downtown Bakersfield on the first Friday of every month, from October through June.

The cost to participate as an artist-vendor is $35 per month. 

AIC Art Show at Top Hat

Journey back to a poignant exploration of inner transformation with our past exhibit, “Transformation: Art From Within.” Held at the Top Hat Art Collective, this showcase illuminated the profound creativity of individuals within the Arts in Corrections program.

Through the evocative works of both incarcerated artists and their dedicated instructors, visitors were invited to witness the power of art to transcend boundaries and foster healing.

Destination for Innovation

with Les Mood

Our Executive Director Jeanette Richardson recently had the honor of being interviewed by Les Mood for the series, Destination for Innovation, presented by the The City of Bakersfield and GreenTech Network.

In this series, we witness the profound impact of art in fostering connections, enriching community, and igniting innovation. Jeanette’s unwavering commitment to the community exemplifies how art can transcend personal passion to become a catalyst for public good, urging us all to champion and nurture artistic endeavors within our communities. Join us this week as we immerse ourselves in Jeanette Richardson’s remarkable story, a powerful reminder of art’s pivotal role in forging stronger, more interconnected communities, not just in Bakersfield, but beyond.


Results for Garces Circle's New Mural!

The results are in for the future of Garces Circle! The survey to select the next mural adorning this iconic Bakersfield landmark with two vibrant designs has closed, and the winning design is Flora + Fauna by artists Jennifer Williams-Cordova and Alex Gallardo! The project shall undergo production in the near future.


Arts Council of Kern Home

Learn More About ArtWalk

The event is free to attend and open to the public. Exhibitions change every month, so mark your calendars now! 

Embrace the Canvas of Culture

Celebrating creativity with Art, Music, and Family Fun!


ArtWalk, hosted by The Arts Council of Kern, is a vibrant and free monthly event held every first Friday of the month. Located at 1020 18th Street, at the corner of 18th and N Street, ArtWalk features a diverse array of artists showcasing and selling their handmade custom art at individual booths. In addition to the stunning artwork, attendees can enjoy delicious food and live music, making it a fun-filled experience for the entire family. Join us for an evening of creativity and community!

ArtWalk has Moved!

find us at our new location

Discover the revamped ArtWalk experience at our new location: The Brickyard on 18th Street and N Street! Amidst our vibrant art vendors, savor the flavors of food trucks and soak in the lively atmosphere. Join us for a fusion of creativity and community at this exciting urban plaza!