Thursday, April 13th, 2023, 6pm–8pm
2001 22nd Str., Suite 110, Bakersfield, CA

Join us as we toast the winning artists
from our five Kern districts.

Diego Gutiérrez Monterrubio, District 3

Leonard Nevels, III, District 5

Linda Brown, District 4

Keasha Willingham, curator of “Celebrating! Home,” has been an artist for nearly 40 years. She is an intuitive artist who lets her emotions and imagination guide her when creating. Keasha is also a multidisciplinary artist whose works include sculpting, painting, and exploring various mediums.

Gina Herrera, District 1

Awardees are:

District 1:
First Place/Innovation Award: Gina Herrera, Autumn Winds 
Second Place: Cheryl McDonald, A Home With A View
Third Place: Nyoka Reed, Almond Blossoms

District 2:
First Place: Beth Morse, Colors of Kern Above and Below
Second Place: Judith Cassis, Snow Queen 
Third Place: Christine Wenderoth, Kern Pasture 

District 3:
First Place: Diego Gutiérrez Monterrubio,
   Yesterday & Today: An Anthology 
Second Place: Aly Rooke, Beauty in Bakersfield 
Third Place: Carolyn Applegate, Kern Flora 

District 4:
First Place: Linda Brown, Autumn on the Kern 
Second Place: Vicki Meadows, Woolworths 
Third Place: Jesse Ramirez, Madres de Arvin 

District 5:
First Place: Leonard Nevels, III, Jimi Hendrix
Second Place: Bella Velasquez, The Historical Fox Theater
Third Place: Alicia Wiley, Mountain Range

Beth Morse, District 2