About this Project

Intersections is a transformative community mural project

that celebrates the vibrant connections and shared stories across our diverse neighborhoods. Through the power of art, we aim to create a visual tapestry that highlights the intersecting lives, cultures, and experiences that converge in our community. Intersections will add artwork to some of our busiest streets, transforming these spaces by adding beauty, inspiration, and joy. We may have different journeys but we travel through our community on a shared road.

Apply to be a Lead Artist

This collaborative endeavor invites residents to engage in a collective creative process by sharing their input in a community survey. 

Under the leadership of the Arts Council of Kern, a team of local artists will consider this input. Our goal is to create collaborative and exceptionally designed murals. We have the talent and skill to do this with artists from right here in Kern County! By deliberately choosing symbols, colors, and imagery, we will explore the interconnectedness of our lives and the spaces we inhabit together.

Murals can catalyze dialogue, prompting conversations about identity, belonging, and the power of community art. It is possible to transcend the physical boundaries of the mural itself, extending into the daily lives of those who encounter it. Murals will inspire curiosity, foster pride, and encourage a sense of ownership and stewardship among community members.

Mural Locations :

The first location for mural art will be at Garces Circle. This project will begin in the fall of 2023, with additional sites to follow. The Kern Arts Council, in partnership with Caltrans, has also identified walls on Q and 204, as well as California Avenue and Highway 99. In addition to these large-scale murals, artists will paint nine electrical boxes along Union Avenue.

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Community Survey

We want your input!

Please join in on this collaboration by taking the community survey. This survey will help us determine the theme and subject matter for murals at Garces Circle and other locations. 


Are you interested in participating as an artist?

Don’t hesitate to contact the Kern Arts Council or join our Facebook Mural Group for more information.