How Do the Arts Benefit Society?

In all its diversity, the arts are a universal form of expression in human culture and a reflection of society. The arts bring us together in times of crisis and intensity. No matter our differences, artistic expression provides a platform for connection and influences how we relate to others and the world around us. Creativity is multifaceted, and it takes several forms, and each benefits society broadly and narrowly on various levels. Individual and collective expression impact us in different ways.

For thousands of years, art has been used to express emotions, communicate ideas, and share traditions. Creative expression has bridged generations, passing down knowledge and history.

Self-expression through the arts, such as painting, sculpture, music, photography, and literature, helps us process our experiences and emotions and share our perspectives. Art facilitates communication and benefits society by teaching empathy.

The Arts Council of Kern (ACK), in partnership with the California Arts Council and Kern County, helps support our diverse arts needs through arts advocacy, access, and education. ACK provides a vehicle of expression among and between local arts organizations for all Kern County residents and visitors through its various events and programs.

One of our goals is to reach underserved areas in our region and introduce them to new ways of thinking about art while offering financial and technical support to artists, creatives, and organizations that work to bring the arts to Kern County.

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