How Do I Label My Artwork?

Are you going to show your work in a gallery or display

Showing your work in a gallery or displaying it for sale in an art show? Getting out in front of an audience is the first part of building brand recognition, and the second part is making sure the people who see your artwork know who you are and a little about you. Labeling your artwork helps make this happen for you.

Remember the Back Side

Artists often forget to label the backs of their pieces, so when curators go-to place the wall labels, they are not sure which pieces they go with.

“Look at your artwork. What do you see? How big/small is it? How does this artwork make you feel?”

What Goes on The Label or Inventory Card?

Look at your artwork. What do you see? How big/small is it? How does this artwork make you feel?

Be sure to make things easy for curators. Remember to label your work.

Labeling your artwork makes it so collectors don’t rely on memory and can connect with you again if they want to buy more of your pieces. 

What is an Appropriate Way to Label? 

Here are some labeling tips. First, as mentioned, one way to label is to secure a paper label on the back or bottom of your piece or write your name and the year the work was created. If you have an inventory card, include the following:

  • The same information.
  • Your name.
  • The title of the piece.
  • The dimensions or size.
  • The medium(s). 

In a few words, describe how your piece was created. What medium or materials did you use? What does your creation tell us about you? What do you want your audience to know? 

Titling Your Work

Some famous pieces have terrible titles. Fortunately, either the artwork was excellent, or the artist was renowned. When titling your work, ask yourself a few questions:

Does your chosen title evoke emotion? What do you want your audience to think of when they read the label? Does it fit your piece? Is it appropriate?

All good questions, but if you have artwork on display or are preparing to do so, the most critical question is this: Is your artwork labeled?