Music in the Arts

APEX - Juvenile Justice

Within the Juvenile Justice program, music serves as a transformative vehicle for self-expression and rehabilitation, spearheaded by dedicated teacher Sean Navejas. Working within APEX and Juvenile Justice, Sean empowers young individuals in probation centers by guiding them through the process of writing and recording their own hip-hop tracks. Through this creative outlet, these juveniles are provided with a platform to share their stories and explore their artistic talents, offering a therapeutic experience that transcends the confines of their circumstances. Sean’s innovative approach underscores the profound synergy between music and art, demonstrating their collective power to inspire healing, growth, and positive change in the lives of marginalized youth.

Common Ground

At Common Ground, the integration of music and the arts takes center stage, guided by Gene Albitre, a Native American teacher renowned for his craftsmanship in rawhide drum-making. Gene’s captivating showcases not only spotlight the beauty of his handmade drums but also cultivate unity through participatory drum circles, particularly resonating with children. Gene emphasizes that these rhythmic gatherings are more than just musical experiences; they serve as powerful catalysts for bonding and community cohesion. Through the Common Ground program, the profound synergy between music and art is vividly demonstrated, underscoring their collective ability to inspire connection and foster a sense of belonging among diverse groups.

New Pathways

In the New Pathways program, music emerges as a vital bridge to learning and connection for developmentally disabled adults, thanks to the passionate efforts of instructor Sean Navejas. By introducing his students to the world of music and song, Sean taps into the universal accessibility of musical expression, making it a powerful tool for engagement and education. His classes are met with enthusiasm, highlighting how music not only entertains but also enriches, serving as a catalyst for personal growth and self-expression. Through the New Pathways program, the integration of music and art exemplifies their indispensable role in teaching, demonstrating that these creative disciplines can unlock potential and foster joy across all abilities, proving instrumental in the holistic development of every individual.

Arts Council_Summer Art Classes

Cool After School

The Arts Council of Kern hopes to incorporate music as a emerging art form into our Cool After School program. With a steadfast belief in the transformative power of the arts in education, we envision music as an essential addition to our existing curriculum, designed to enrich the learning experience of school-aged children. By integrating music, we aim to amplify creativity, enhance critical thinking, and harbor a deeper emotional connection to learning, demonstrating the synergistic power of music and art as teaching tools. This initiative reflects our commitment to nurturing well-rounded, expressive, and innovative minds, highlighting the role of the arts in cultivating an inspired, inclusive, and dynamic educational environment.