Why Do Many Handicrafts and Art Cost More?

It’s not that handiwork costs more,

it’s that machine-made items are less expensive because production is less time and labor-intensive. Most artisans and artists happily support each other by purchasing at full price. However, talking with local craftspeople, the Arts Council of Kern discovered that a good share must deal with hagglers and want-to-be deal makers. Some artists and artisans tolerate this, but others say they are insulted when buyers offer less than the asking price.

“By the time I add up the cost of materials and the hours it takes me to create my products, even my asking price is low,” said one local yarn artisan, “I do what I love because I love to do it, and not for the money, but I appreciate people who recognize the value of handiwork and are willing to pay for it.”

Pricing and the cost of homemade goods are something to remember when browsing booths and exhibits. If you own works of art, think about the joy they give you. Even though having something original or unique might cost more, paying a little extra makes it worthwhile.

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